QRS buys, and sells, recycled wood reels
Quality Reel Solutions purchases discarded reels, and completely refurbishes them for another round of use.  Every discarded, or used reel that QRS purchases, goes through our QUALITY RECYCLE (QR) certification process.  

The QUALITY RECYCLE PROCESS insures that each finished QR certified reel can meet the demands of another usage cycle for our customers.  Each reel is assessed for repair requirements, including;

Wood damaged, or missing from the flanges - damaged portions of the flanges are removed and replaced with wood that is sound in structural integrity, and then re-nailed with new fasteners.  

Drum staves that are damaged or missing - Structurally sound new, or recycled, staves are fitted in place to ensure a complete drum.

Hardware is inspected - Missing or damaged reel bolts, washers, and nuts are replaced as needed, then tightened to specs to ensure a good fit. 

Quality Reel Solutions maintains an inventory of popular QR certified reel sizes.  QR certified reels offer our customers significant savings vs. the cost of new reels. Additionally, this contributes to the efforts of many of our customers who desire to promote and participate in environmentally responsible practices and programs.  

Do you have discarded reels you would like to sell to QRS?
Call QRS today for purchase price information and current eligibility requirements

QRS will buy your discarded reels based on general overall condition.  Every QR certified reel starts with reels that meet our minimum standards to be eligible for our QR certified reel program.  Additionally, there is a range of popular sizes that most readily meet market demands for reuse.  Typically, (Based on flange diameter), 24" through 48" diameter reels are the most sought after.  50" diameter reels, and larger, are less marketable but may still be eligible, depending on current market demand.
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